Follow the money to understand Daesh

I am trying to get my head around understanding the geopolitics of the current crisis in ‪Syria. As always, it is a good idea to follow the money. In this case, we are talking about gas pipelines from the east to the west. Who wants more control of them? The ‪EU, ‎US, Saudi Arabia and ‪Turkey, where the latter two have more sympathy towards Daesh then the other two, but all reflecting a Sunni dynamic. Or ‪Iran, ‎Russia, and Syria, reflecting a more pro-Shia profile? So, in this mess, the big players in the form of Russia and the US are right at the heart of matters. But there are also regional players that have their own divisions going back many centuries but deeply politicised in more recent periods, in the form of Saudi Arabia and Iran, the two strongholds of Sunni and Shia Islam. There is also the question of the ‪ ‎Kurds. Russia is bombing the free Syrian army. The US and its allies are bombing ‎Daesh, supporting the Kurds, who are being bombed by the Turks. But the Kurds are doing most on the ground to fight against Daesh in reality. Meanwhile, Daesh is rubbing their hands together at the thought of civilian casualties who will swell the ranks of their numbers once UK Parliament agrees to go ahead with air strikes, as it is likely to do today. This can only add to greater risks facing Britain, not prevent them. What an awful calamity…

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