The Paris Attacks Explained

There is considerable emotionality and concern over the tragic events in Paris, but how can we explain the issue? The events in Paris on the night of Friday 13 will go down in history as one of the most horrific acts of organised violence in the country. Eight terrorists in six separate attacks unleashed a wave of terror that has traumatised a nation and shocked the world. It is also the day when France experienced its first suicide attack.

Read more in my piece in the New Internationalist.


2 thoughts on “The Paris Attacks Explained

  1. That is a fair summary and an intelligent response at high speed to a complex event, thanks Tahir for an elegant summary. It is necessary to ensure that diversity in society provides enough rootedness as well as connectedness, and combats the desire for certainty that those who are excluded, on whichever end of society, seek as a solution to their perceived problems.

    1. Many thanks for your kind words. There is much to consider in trying to understand the events, none of which will be in agreement with most. The reality is that many of the issues are rooted in the lived experience, rather than any focus on religion or politics per se.

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