I have travelled to over 100 cities in nearly 50 different countries to deliver 130 lectures and talks, specifically on include Muslims in the West, Islamophobia, radicalisation, race and ethnicity, (im)migration, and violent extremism. Below is a list of lectures and talks since 2012.



(2017n) Report launch panel discussion, British Council APPG, ‘Building Young People’s Resilience to Violent Extremism’, with David Warburton MP, Chair, APPG for the British Council and inquiry committee, Stephen Gethins MP, North East Fife, SNP, Baroness Hodgson of Abinger CBE, Rebecca Crozier, Regional Director, Europe and MENA, International Alert, and Sir Ciarán Devane,Chief Executive, British Council, 1 Parliament Street, London, 12 December.

(2017m) ‘Islamophobia, Radicalisation and Extremism: understanding the cycles of violence’, Department of Politics and International Relations Seminar Series 2017-2018, University of Aberdeen, 15 November.

(2017l) ‘Where does Turkey belong to?’. Turkey Institute Panel presentation, with Dr Katerina Dalacoura and Emeritus Professor William Halle, chaired by Peter Kyle MP, Porticulus House, Westminster, London, 1 November.

(2017k) ‘The hyper-normalisation of Islamophobia and radicalisation’, Eton College, Windsor, 8 October.

(2017j) ‘Book launch and discussion – Whither Turkey’, Edinburgh Literature Festival, Edinburgh, 19 August.

(2017i) ‘Book launch and discussion – Contemporary Turkey in Conflict’, Dialogue Platform, Rue Montoyer 31, Brussels 1000, Belgium, 20 June.

(2017h) ‘Where do we stand? Strengths and weaknesses of existing evaluation metrics’. Panel presentation at, the International Conference: Building an evidence base for the prevention of radicalisation and violent extremism’, Hannover Congress Centrum – HCC, Germany, 16-18 June.

(2017g) ‘Joint Forum ’Contemporary Turkey in Conflict – The Post-Referendum Challenges’, Centre for Turkey Studies and King’s College Diplomacy Society, 5 June, KCL, London. 

(2017f) ‘Far Right and Islamist Extremist Identities as Challenges to Britishness in a Spatial Context’. Working presentation, Radicalization in Theory and Practice: Pathways to National Security in Western Europe, University of Namur, Belguim, 30-31 May.

(2017e) ‘How can we ensure differing approaches to preventing and countering radicalisation include effective critical community engagement?‘, on the panel, Dealing with radicalisation and counter-radicalisation, Security & Counter Terror Expo, Olympia, London 3 May.

(2017d) ‘Preventing Violent Extremism Global Policy and Practice: The Current State of Play‘, with Sara Zieger (Hedayah), and moderated by Candace Rondeaux (RESOLVE), Preventing Violent Extremism: The case for locally defined, evidenced based responses, convened by RESOLVE and Institute for Security Studies, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 20 April.

(2017c) ‘Turkey and the Middle East’. Panel presentation convened by the International Institute of the Development of Science Сooperation, in partnership with Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) and The Institute of Oriental studies. Held at the Conference Hall of The Publishing House MK RU, No 7 1905 year St., building No 11, Moscow, Russia, 21 February.

(2017b) ‘On Violent Extremism‘. Panel presentation at the Wilberforce Society Annual Conference 2017: Global Disenchantment, St John’s College, Cambridge, 4 February.  

(2017a) Panel presentation on ‘Globalisation v Localisation’. Convened by the Warwick Business School Midlands Association, The Studio, Canon Street, Birmingham, 31 January.


(2016i) ‘Being British: Islam and National Identity – bid’ah through the back door’. Presented at, ‘Blessed are the Innovators: Muslim Institute Winter Gathering’, Sarum College, Salisbury, 2-4 December 2016.

(2016h) ‘ “You Cannot Talk About Academic Freedom in Such an Oppressive Environment”: Understanding the Limits of Academic Freedom in Turkey Today’. Hosted by the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, 26 October.

(2016g) ‘Postcards from the Edge – Notes on the 2016 Failed Turkish Coup’. Panel presentation (with Professor Martin Bruinessen), ‘Turkey, Coup and Aftermath: “A Gift from God” ‘. Hosted by Dialogue Platform, Rue Montoyer 31, second floor, Brussels 1000, October 20.

(2016f) ‘How not to tackle violent extremism’. Presentation to The National Security Summit-Successfully Countering Extremism & Tackling  Radicalisation: Panel Session (with Waqar Ahmed, Prevent Manager, Birmingham City Council), Prospero House, Borough, London, 19 October.

(2016e) ‘Understanding and Countering Online Extremist Narratives of the Islamic State’. Paper presented to ‘Radicalisation and the Internet, Media and the Responsibility of the Press and Television Media’, European Policy Centre (EPC), Rue du Trône 14-16, 1000 Brussels, Belgium, 4 October.

(2016d) Panelist, ‘A new narrative: rethinking the discourse of violence and religious identity’, Convened by the United States Institute of Peace RESOLVE Network, Washington DC, 29 September [full text of panel presentation notes here].

(2016c) Panelist with Arzu Merali, ‘Multiculturalism, cultural rights, public freedoms and integration’, convened by Open Discussions in association with the Gulf Cultural Club, Abrar House, 45 Crawford Place, London, 13 September [YouTube video of panel presentation here].

(2016b) ‘The Impact of the Islamic State and Turkey’s Civil Society’. Paper present to TASAM (Turkish-Asian Centre for Strategic Studies) Fourth International Middle East Congress, ‘Turkish-Arab Relations: Multi-Dimensional Security Building’, Hatay, 27-29 April.

(2016a) ‘Migration in Twenty-First Century Western Europe. The Dilemmas of Racism and Islamophobia’. Presented at ‘On the move. Nowhere at home?’ International Scientific Symposium in the course of the 23rd European Days of Culture in Karlsruhe ‘Migration. Happiness | Suffering | Foreignness’, 22-23 April.


(2015g) ‘Contextualising Islamophobia and Radicalism in Western Europe’, The Marion T. Loftin Lecture Series, Department of Sociology, and Department of Philosophy and Religion, Mississippi State University, 6 November.

(2015f) ‘Turkey, the 2013 Gezi Park Protests and Beyond’. Presentation to the class ‘Media Activism and Social Movements’, convened by Arun Kundnani, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, New York University, 28 October.

(2015e) ‘Muslim Minorities in Western Europe – Between Radicalisation and Islamophobia’, Remarque Institute, New York University, 22 October 2015.

(2015d) ‘Preventing Islamophobia and Radicalisation’. Written paper presented to Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination, No Hate Parliamentary Alliance, Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France, 23 June.

(2015c) ‘The Causes of Radicalisation: Ethnicity, Power and Politics’, “Homegrown Terrorism: Causes and Dimensions Workshop”, NATO COE-DAT, Ankara, Turkey, 9-11 June.

(2015b) ‘Muslims in Contemporary Europe: The Twin Problems of Radicalisation and Islamophobia’, The Program in Islamic, Turkish and Near Eastern Studies of the Institute for Religion, Politics and Culture and the International Studies Program, Washington College, Washington DC, 23 April.

(2015a) Contributor and session chair at the Ditchley Park Conference on ‘Global ambitions and local grievances: understanding political Islam’, Chaired by Ambassador Akbar Ahmed, 19-21 March 2015.


(2014d) ‘British Muslim Minorities: Immigration, Identity Politics, Multiculturalism and Radicalization’, Third Annual Conference On The Muslim World 2014 “Minorities in the Muslim World” Sponsored by Marmara University, The Program in Islamic, Turkish, and Near Eastern Studies at Washington College, The World Academy for Local Government and Democracy, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Creative Learning Inc., Washington DC. Held at Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey, 26-30 October.

(2014c) ‘The Role of the Local and the Urban in Shaping a Global Islamist Ideology: A UK Analysis’, ‘Islamism in the Post-Arab Spring World’ Conference, Istanbul Think-House, Istanbul, Turkey, 24-26 October 2014.

(2014b) ‘Understanding Muslim minorities today’, TEDx Beyond the Horizons, Fatih University, 13 May.

(2014a) ‘Understanding Ethno-Religious Intolerance in Contemporary Turkey’. Paper presented to the The Association of the Studies of Nationalities 2014 World Convention, Columbia University, New York, 24-26 April 2014.


(2013i) ‘Educating Muslims: Local and Global Issues’, Paper presented to the International Symposium of Imam-Hatip (Vocational Religious) Schools on Their Centennial Day, a joint project of the Ensar Foundation, the Association of Dissemination Knowledge (Science), the Foundation of Dissemination Knowledge (Science), the Service Foundation for Leadership, The Foundation of Youth and Education in Turkey (TÜRGEV), organized by the academic unit of the Centre for Values Education, Yıldız Teknik University Davutpaşa Campus, 23-24 November 2013.

(2013h) ‘Understanding the “Kurdish Question”: an ethnographic case study in Yüksekova’, paper presented at International Conference The PKK, Kurdish Nationalism and the Future of Turkey, Organized and Sponsored by School of Public & International Affairs, Virginia Tech, National Capital Region, Ottoman and Modern Turkish Studies Chair (Indiana University) and Center for Turkish Studies (Portland State University), 7 November 7, 2013 (with IH Yigit).

(2013g) ‘Reconciling Islam and Democracy in Turkey: Ethnicity, Politics, and Culture’. Paper presented to the conference, Systemic Transformation in the Muslim World. Sponsored by the Program in Islamic, Turkish, and Near Eastern Studies of Washington College, Al Akhawayn University in Morocco and Creative Learning, Washington, DC, Irfrane, 30 October – 3 November 2013.

(2013f) ‘The breakdown of Asabiyah in understanding the Gezi Park disturbances in Turkey’. Paper presented to the Third International Ibn Khaldun Symposium: Civilization between Politics and Economics: Towards Applied Khaldunism, convened by International Ibn Khaldun Society, the Alliance of Civilizations Institute at Fatih Sultan Mehmet Waqf University and the Istanbul Foundation for Research and Education, Istanbul, Turkey, 28-29 September.

(2013e) ‘Getting to Know Your Muslim Neighbour: Between Race, Class, Ethnicity and Culture’, The 2013 St Wilfrid Lecture, held at Ripon Cathedral. Organised by Ripon Cathedral, York St John University, the Methodist Church and the Diocese of Ripon and Leeds, 19 September.

(2013d) ‘Combating Islamophobia in Britain: what governments should not do‘. Paper presented to the to International Conference on Islamophobia: Law & Media, convened by the Directorate General of Press and Information (BYEGM) and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Istanbul, 12-13 September.

(2013c) ‘The effect of ethno-national conflict on Kurdish families in south-east Turkey’. Seminar paper presented to the Society, Politics, and Economy in Modern Turkey summer school programme, convened by Portland State University and California State University Chico, and hosted by Marmara University, Istanbul, 25 June (with IH Yigit).

(2013b) ‘Understanding Islamophobia: European Perspective for the OIC’. Seminar presentation to MOIC – Turkey Foreign Policy Academy, World Trade Centre, Istanbul, 7 June 2013.

(2013a) ‘Islam and Muslims in Europe today: from cultural assimilation to social integration’. Keynote paper presented to the International Congress ‘Rethinking Europe with(out) Religion’, organised by the interdisciplinary research platform, Religion and Transformation in Contemporary European Society, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria, 20-23 February.


(2012k) ‘The Gülen movement as a global movement: understanding history, ideology and context, paper presented the conference’, “The Essential Philosophy of Civilization Building: perspectives from Fethullah Gülen and Malek bin Nabi – From Theory to Action”, University of Algiers, Algeria, 20-21 November 2012.

(2012j) ‘The British Multiculturalism Model as a Basis for Positive Jewish-Muslim Relations, presented to the conference’, “The International Conference on Peace & Reconciliation Mediating Peace: Reconciliation through Art, Music & Film”. Convened by Faculty of Education and Theology, York St John University, sponsored by the Youngnak Presbyterian Church, South Korea and hosted by Harry S Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace and the Department of Asian Studies, Hebrew University in Jerusalem, 6-9 November 2012.

(2012i) ‘European Muslim Experiences’, presented to the, “International Seminar on Religious Radicalism: Muslim Experiences”, Graduate School, State Islamic University Jakarta, Indonesia, 13 September.

(2012h) ‘Islamism in comparative perspective’. Public Lecture, State Islamic University Jakarta, Indonesia, 11 September 2012.

(2012g) ‘Muslims in the West – topical considerations’, interactive seminar presentation and discussion, Critical Thinking Forum, Women’s Campus, International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI), 2 August 2012.

(2012f) ‘Muslims in Britain: migration, Islamophobia and identity politics’, Seminar Paper, Iqbal international institute for research and dialogue (IRD), International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI), 20 July 2012 .

(2012e) Panel discussant on the theme of ‘Multiculturalism, Europe’s future and Turkey’, with Akmal Hanuk Founder and CEO of IBFC-UK, Islamic Banking and Finance Centre. Moderated by Professor Recep Senturk of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Waqf University. Held at Esenler Belediyesi Konferans Salonu, Istanbul, 28 May.

(2012d) ‘The nature, origins and destinations of Islamophobia in Britain and in Western Europe’. Presented to the conference, “European Muslims gather in Turkey to discuss their future” at the Forum for Future of European Democracies and Muslim Communities. Convened by EMISCO, in partnership with COJEP International and the Turkish Ministry for EU Affairs. Hosted by Istanbul Commerce University, 10-11 May 2012.

(2012c) ‘Reflections on political mobilisation, nationalism, ethno-religiosity and conflict in relation to Muslims in Britain’. Anti-paper presented to the ‘Religion in History, History in Religion’, Kandersteg Seminar. Convened by the Remarque Institute, New York University. Held in Kandersteg, Switzerland, 28 March – 1 April 2012.

(2012b) ‘The British multiculturalism model as a basis for positive Jewish–Muslim relations’. Presentation to the Coexistence Trust, held at the University of Birmingham, 5 March. (2012a) ‘Muslim Minorities and Islamophobia in Western Europe: Intersections of Media and Politics’, Paper presented to the Department of the Sociology and Anthropology, 2011-2012 Departmental Seminar Series, The Hebrew University, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, 16 January.