Below is a list of my opinion editorials since 2014. They focus on politics, ethnicity, race, radicalism, extremism, Muslim minorities, Turkey and the Middle East, Islam and the West.


(2018) ‘Sara Khan is not the issue, it is how the state treats radicalisation’, Middle East Eye, 25 January.

(2017k) ‘Islamophobia and radicalisation in an age of disinformation’, Middle East Eye, 27 December.

(2017j) ‘The Ofsted hijab decree: How two wrongs don’t make a right’, Middle East Eye, 24 November.

(2017l) ‘ ‘My Week as a Muslim’: The real story is never told’, Middle East Eye, 24 September.

(2017k) ‘The State’: A horror story that says nothing about why Brits join IS’, Middle East Eye, 31 August.

(2017j) ‘Why the EU would still benefit from Turkish accession’, LSE EUROPP, 8 August.

(2017i) ‘Pens, not swords…’, Turkish Minute, 21 July.

(2017h) ‘After the ‘Trojan Horse’ has bolted’, Middle East Eye, 1 June.

(2017g) ‘Erdogan Wins the President’s Referendum’, Fair Observer, 17 April.

(2017f) ‘A personality cult that plays on popular fears: how Erdoğan won the Turkish referendum’, DemocractAudit.com, 17 April.

(2017e) ‘What Next for Iraq after the Battle of Mosul?’, E-International Relations, 23 March.

(2017d) ‘The Fear and the Passion’, Tikkun, 28 February.

(2017c) ‘Repression, terrorism and fear: Erdoğan’s Turkey heads for the brink’, DemocractAudit.com, 10 January.

(2017b) ‘Contemporary Turkey in conflict: How ethnic, political and religious conflicts will define Turkey’s future’, LSE EUROPP, 2 January.

(2017a) ‘Turkey Faces Uphill Battle to Defeat Terrorism’, Fair Observer, 1 January.

(2016f) ‘The Jo Cox Murder and the Role of Ideology in Violent Extremism’, RUSI Commentary, 30 November.

(2016e) ‘How to prevent the collapse of the liberal-left after Brexit and Trump’, LSE EUROPP, 15 November.

(2016d) ‘How we can stop more girls following in the footsteps of Kadiza’, The Telegraph, 12 August.

(2016c) ‘Where does Turkey go from here?’ Prospect, 18 July. 

(2016b) ‘Recognize that radicalization comes from racism’, Zócalo Public Square, 3 February.

(2016a) ‘Is Terrorism the New Normal in Turkey?’, Fair Observer, 12 January.

(2015p) ‘Culture of violence trumps a culture of hope’, Deutsche Welle, 18 November.

(2015o) ‘Will Turkey Become Erdogan’s Legacy?’, Fair Observer, 18 November.

(2015n) ‘Explaining the Paris Attacks’, New Internationalist, 16 November (Issue 487).

(2015m) ‘Deadly Attacks in Paris Bring France to a Standstill’, Fair Observer, 14 November.

(2015l) ‘Turkey Can No Longer Ignore the Kurds’, Fair Observer, 4 November.

(2015k) ‘What Erdogan Does Next’, Fair Observer, 31 October.

(2015j) ‘How Not to Deal With Extremism in Britain’, Fair Observer, 20 October.

(2015h) ‘Corbyn Fever Brings Winds of Change to Britain’, Fair Observer, 5 August.

(2015g) ‘Equality is the Key to Peace in the Middle East’, Fair Observer, 7 June.

(2015f) ‘What Impact Has US Foreign Policy Had on the Muslim World?’, Fair Observer, 3 May.

(2015e) ‘There is No Real Choice in the UK General Elections’, Fair Observer, 22 April.

(2015d) ‘What We Think the Islamic State Wants is Wrong’, Fair Observer, 25 February.

(2015c) ‘Has Europe Failed to Integrate Muslims?’ Fair Observer, 18 January.

(2015b) ‘To Save a Life is to Save Humanity’, Fair Observer, 12 January.

(2015a) ‘Cartoonists Murdered, Radical Islamism Blamed, But What’s the Bigger Picture?’, Fair Observer, 9 January.

(2014b) ‘Assessing the Tragic Murder of James Foley’, The Islamic Monthly, 23 August.

(2014a) ’1 year after Gezi – lessons to be learned’, Your Middle East, 4 June.