A victory for decent politics, but it’s the not all clear yet

This is the morning after the night before. It was not quite the tsunami but a huge wave has just swept over British politics. There will be long-term impacts because of this not-so-surprising change in the political weather. Under the UK system, the Tories needed 326 seats to form a majority government. They fell short…Continue reading A victory for decent politics, but it’s the not all clear yet

What future now?

Waking up on a Saturday morning, there is always the experience of getting up early, sinking a strong coffee with breakfast and open-endedly reading the pages of news stories while thinking through how to best utilise the weekend. The themes of Brexit, Europe, the upcoming UK General Election and the recent local elections fill many…Continue reading What future now?

The Real “Trojan Horse” Scandal in Birmingham Schools

The so-called “Trojan Horse” plot of 2014 raised numerous concerns about the Islamisation of education in a range of inner city schools in Birmingham. Ofsted investigations of 21 schools explored these concerns at the behest of the then Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove MP. At the head of this so-called plot, a certain…Continue reading The Real “Trojan Horse” Scandal in Birmingham Schools

Terror in London

Terror in London. Again. After Nantes, Nice, Berlin, Istanbul and Jerusalem, an attack on London, sadly, seemed inevitable. This time a British-born lone attacker mows down civilians on Westminster Bridge before he makes his way to Parliament and fatally stabs a respected unarmed police officer, PC Keith Palmer. The assailant was then shot down by…Continue reading Terror in London

Lazy Cameron Speaks the Language of Racialism

It is reasonably encouraging that the British Prime Minister wishes to fund the teaching of English language to British Muslim women who have been left behind by ‘progress’, as it were, but the backdrop to his statements are however deeply problematic, as well the implications they raise. In the 1950s, British ‘coloured immigrants’, as they…Continue reading Lazy Cameron Speaks the Language of Racialism

On Racism

There are some who find it difficult to utter the ‘R’ word. Racism is a concept that has completely disappeared from the popular vernacular in relation to understanding differences in society. Greater concern is often placed on notions of values, or concerns in relation to certain community norms that are seen as antithetical to Britishness.…Continue reading On Racism