‘Should I Stay or Should I Go’

I feel rather outraged about how this whole Leave-Remain debate has unfolded. From what has started as a ridiculous spat between two right-wing elements of the Tory party, recently going back to the days of Norman Lamont and his infamous speech in 1995, Britain is about to make a historical non-reversible decision that will have major consequences. It would not be so worrisome were it not for the ill-informed, misinforming political elites who have cajoled the population through lies, propaganda and sheer ignorance. Half these elites think they still live in an imperial age – and the other half would think to bring it back.

The tragic murder of Jo Cox, a fighter for social justice, human rights and fairness, slain at the hands of a terrorist thug with links to dubious right-ideals has been heart breaking. A few idiot politicians like Gove, Farage and Johnson have captured the angst of the working classes for whom they, in reality, do not give two hoots.

The facts are simple:

  • Migration is necessary for survival – no nation that wants to grow and to compete can endure without it.
  • Leaving will weaken the pound, force investors to turn elsewhere, reduce interest rates and stagnate the economy.
  • Leaving will not improve wages, or economic opportunity, for most in society, only the elites. Leaving will improve the lot of business elites who will avoid EU regulations.
  • Leaving will widen divisions in society, all the while isolating Britain.
  • Leaving will stem the way for the break of the Union, with little England left alone and isolated.
  • There are no simply no discernible long-term benefits to leaving.