The Ironies of Brexit

  • Less educated middle-aged and elderly white folk in smaller towns and cities were most likely to vote leave but are least likely to benefit in the end.
  • Brexit has brought to the surface layers of racism and the ‘ghosts of empire’.
  • England has given into hate and bigotry, not openness and tolerance.
  • Brexit could trigger inflation, recession, and an interest rate hike, leading to reduced investment and foreign reserves, ratcheting up the current account deficit.
  • While there is a minimal welfare cost to immigration in the initial stages of settlement and adaptation, such workers significantly add to the coffers of the exchequer as well as contributing to the pension pots of future generations.
  • Immigration remains necessary at both ends of the labour market, from Egyptian heart surgeons with specialist skills to Estonian cleaners working at hospitals.
  • London will become more dominant in relation to the rest of England, not less.
  • Instead of being in the game of world affairs, Britain has decided to watch from the sidelines.
  • The breakup of the Union is now more likely than ever.
  • UK Parliament could still decide to ignore the referendum and this ugly campaign would have all been for nothing.
  • If Brexit does go ahead and once the next UK PM invokes Article 50 to start the exit negotiations, the EU has the upper hand, not the UK.

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