Getting Away With It

There are many Muslims working in the radicalisation-deradicalisation industry in an effort to eliminate the problems of extremism, but it is merely a ruse for blasé thinking and legitimising the existing state of affairs. Here is my top ten list of reasons why.

  1. They say they are Muslims, which gives them some credibility among non-Muslims, even if what they voice lacks all credibility among most Muslims, but this is mere subterfuge.
  2. They are quick to attack Muslims who want take Islam out of the equation of radicalism, decrying them from seemingly taking an apologist view, but if a non-Muslim presents the same view there is no condemnation.
  3. They have the ears of influential people whose interests are to maintain the status quo, to such an extent that they feel empowered by access to the wheels of power, but the idea that they might have some role in refining the dominant rhetoric only fuels their fragile egos, unceasing narcissism and endless self-esteem issues.
  4. They know enough about Islam, its history, theology and law to argue various details in relation to the religion, but they have no awareness of social science, politics or history that places it all context.
  5. They want to reform Islam because they see it as containing a cancerous element, but they have no appreciation of the richness and diversity of the religion and its people.
  6. They argue they provide penetrative analysis for their so-called original ideas, but there is never any empiricism to show for it.
  7. They say that because radicals evoke Islam, Islam has to answer for it, but radicals only allude to a certain idea of their Islam, not all of Islam.
  8. They want to eliminate Wahhabism, but their patrons dare not mention a certain country in the Gulf States.
  9. They presume to advocate Islamic reform as the solution, but since its dawn, Islam has never stopped reforming.
  10. They say Muslims need help from their brand of liberal progressive Islam, but they fall into the trap of Orientalism and xenophobia that plagues their paymasters.

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