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The American voting public has just elected Donald Trump as the next President of the USA. Here is why it is a disaster.

He is a serial business failure. He would be worth twice as much if he left his father’s inheritance alone. He is a serial groper, harasser and misogynist. He mocks the disabled. He throws scorn on Muslims. He wants to build a wall to keep out Mexicans. His reality TV show failed. Routinely,  his casinos, hotels and golf courses fail. He doesn’t pay his taxes and says that it ‘makes him smart’ for not doing so. He did deals with the Yakuza in 1992 to keep his businesses afloat in Japan, only to see them fail too. He thinks that lying or just making things up is perfectly acceptable. He has never held political office. He has no experience of political life at all.

The reasons for his win are complex but not unsurprising. The American dream fell apart a long time ago and Trump capitalised on the fear and uncertainty facing so many. Social divisions have grown so wide that the top strata of society have no connection to the rest. His win gives succour to the alt right, bigots, racists and fascists the world over. This is worrying, especially in Europe at present. It will close off the nations of the world, not bring them together. It could firmly lead to the end of the West for good, but the disease of hyper-financial capitalism and ethnic nationalism will thrive. Perhaps this is the parting shot of western capitalism before it fizzles out, only to find new ground in the east.

There is much thinking to suggest that it was the poor, less educated ‘left behind’ who voted form Trump, but as the post-election analysis is likely to reveal, it was also m rich, educated white groups outside of the big diverse states that voted for Trump. All these groups want ‘their country back’ – but this is merely cover from overt racism and self-interest. In this case, is derived through fear that their positions in society are at risk because of the immigrant, the minority, the other. Like Brexit, it was not just poor, white uneducated folk in the north who voted but richer, white, educated and mortgage-free folk in the south who also voted for Brexit.

What we have in the world today is a global population more connected to each other digitally but less so culturally or politically. Hate and self-interest trump any sense of collectivity. It is a post-west world and America is losing its grip. Americans are angry but were directed to vent their fury at Mexicans, immigrants, Muslims, etc. This is fascism in all but name. This is the new normal, and now both sides of the Atlantic will feel it, and for the foreseeable future.

6 thoughts on “Enter Trump

  1. Trump could have been easily stopped if only the Afro-Americans had thought through things carefully and really gone out to vote. Their short term thinking made them abstain in big numbers, and they have now hurt themselves badly. Their stupidity has also brought havoc upon a vast section of Americans.

  2. Maybe Mr Trump will be a disaster when he is President. I seem to recall incredulity and shock amongst many foreign observers when Ronald Reagan was elected – he was far from being a disaster when in office.
    As much as many see the USA as a world power, if not THE only super power I have always found Americans see the world very differently – if they actually bother with anything beyond North America.
    It is a moot point if his “message” can actually resonate elsewhere. Marie Le Pen has been active in French politics for far longer than Mr Trump for example.
    Today I have read several good articles by Americans on why; few got attention beforehand. The shock effect could actually just be for the mass media here and other America watchers who never venture beyond ‘The Beltway’ and a few cities.
    Finally there is Mrs Clinton. There could not have been a worse candidate than her for too many American voters. She was hated – for many reasons – by too many. Yes Mr Trump won, but Mrs Clinton lost too.

  3. Excellent, comprehensive and succinct. Perhaps a couple of additional points – concern about his support for Russia and the danger to Europe and the Middle East if Russia’s despotic regime is given free reign over the world. Secondly, not paying taxes and being super-rich suggests that in contrast to all the hot air about creating jobs, helping the poor, etc, he is really only going to bolster the position of the financial, tax-dodging elite, which explains why many well-to-do whites also voted for him. I appreciate the concerns about what his win says about the growth of xenophobia and narrow-mindedness but I’m hoping that in terms of global damage, the creaking machinery of government will emasculate him and reduce his election trail threats to empty words (cf Obama and Gitmo).

  4. A very objective article…It is sad in this day of age that the election of a racist figure such as Trump becomes the norm in our world… I.e. The way forward as it seems is to erect walls rather than building bridges …As the right wing among the white people in America was always connected with vengeance, bigotry and violence could it be a belated reaction to an eight year rule of a black president? Or do we always try to explain what is happening in USA and Western Europe in economic terms only! In any case the political tide that is sweeping the west is a new form of racism.

  5. Well said, Professor Tahir Abbas and the Commentators! Heaven help America! However, I am relived that Hillary Clinton the war-monger the only other candidate did not win! Sadly, Americans has Hobson’s Choice and have ended up in such a chaos, this ‘superpower’ as it once was! I shall sit back and watch what he does. His choice of Secretary of State is even dodgier, his determination of deporting ‘illegal’ residents some 3 million of them, a disaster! That is why I say, God help America!

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